not reading 4 GB RAM

I just installed another 2GB RAM in my system I clicked on the apple and about this mac and it still says I only have 2 GB RAM not 4. Did I install the chip wrong or is my computer just not registering it?

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I have just upgraded my MBP A1226 from 2GB RAM (2 x 1GB modules) to 4GB RAM (2 x 2GB modules).

At first the MBP would not recognise the new RAM at all and I simply got three flashes of the sleep light recurring after pressing power on. The three flashes is the error code for a RAM problem.

I was sure I had bought the correct RAM but thought it might be faulty.

I persevered and found this solution to work:

  1. Remove both old modules
  2. Insert one new module in bottom slot
  3. Press power on and confirm MBP recognises RAM
  4. Power off quickly before boot really starts
  5. Insert second new module in top slot
  6. Press power on and confirm MBP recognises RAM
  7. Let it boot up completely and check that system info is showing the full 4GB RAM

I hope this helps you out. If you only had one 2GB chip in to start with, perhaps try the new chip on its own first and get the MBP to recognise it and then add in the older chip after that.

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Try installing just the old chip in both slots and see if the slots work. Then do the same with the new chip. Did you get the new one from someone who really knows what they are selling?

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