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The HTC EVO is a Smartphone by HTC powered by a 1-GHz Snapdragon processor and runs the Android operating system.

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Do I need to Re-glue screen?

I ran my phone through the wash yesterday, so i took it apart via the guide and is sitting in a bag of rice. I was wondering if I were to take apart the screen, do I need to re-glue it?..or will it seal back up?? If so, what glue??


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go to local hardware stores or car parts. there are epoxy glues that dont harder to much and create like a silicon seal. I would use them as ur glue, as any other regular off the shelf glue i wouldnt think will hold well.

make sure you clean the surfaces very good before applying any. also makes sure the package indicates that it doesnt harm plastics.

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To anyone that finds this, rice is not suitable for drying out any device:

Rice Is for Dinner, Not Repair*

Specifics on how to fix a wet device

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