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The Epson Stylus NX415 is a color inkjet printer. The printer uses T088/69/68 ink cartridges, which use a wetness sensor behind the visible primary chip.

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Why is my printer not printing the words

The paper goes through the printer but it prints a blank page each time. I changed all the ink cartridges and it still didn't solve my problem.

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Hi @karinaa, does it happen just or the printer has not been used for some time?

I suspect the print head might be damaged.


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These use pigment based inks, which have more of a tendency to clog then the Claria/Claria HD dye base inks. I suspect it’s clogged from non-use since it doesn’t take very long with these.

Thankfully the issue is usually easy to fix, but due to the cart type you have they may not work anymore since these wetness sensor carts DO NOT like being removed mid cycle, and will often permanently shut down. Sometimes turning it off helps, but that isn’t a guaranteed workaround. Be prepared to replace the cart that’s clogged, or all 4 if it’s completely dead just in case. The solution with these is to use a cleaning fluid designed for Epson printers as this usually fixes the issue nearly 100% of the time. There was a time in the 90’s when they were selling models like the 740i where you could manufacture a cleaning cart with a empty and a chip resetter (or tape over it to “reset” the level) if you didn’t want to buy one, but those days are long over.

However, severe blockages often require printhead removal and an ultrasonic cleaner. Unless you know how to and are willing to completely trash the printer, it’s better to not do this outside of a last ditch effort - get one thing wrong and you’re buying a new printer due to how it’s assembled. The short version is you need to detach the ink chip reader, side trim pieces as needed and then remove 2-4 screws to remove the printhead, and then disconnect the two flatflexes (Remember where they go!).

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