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Can I replace the front panel with the iPod Classic version?

The front panel of my iPod Video (Gen 5.5 80GB) is scratched, and the LCD cover is practically gone (don't ask how that happened). The device is functional otherwise. I am wondering if it is possible to use the front panel from an iPod Classic to replace the front panel of my iPod Video? Minimal modifications would be acceptable as well, as long as it is doable.

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A front panel is under $10, are you sure you want the trouble?

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+1 why indeed would anyone want to do that with the front panel being easily available and a whole lot less hassle...keep it original :)


well, I preffer the panel on the classic because of that matte look.

If it was possible to replace it with no problems, I would do it on my iPod video.


I really do not see anything wrong with it, since I do think that it also individualizes your iPod, as long as the higher cost and the work don't bother you, it's all good:-)


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Yes it is possible to replace it with a 6th gen faceplate. Again it may be harder to find the iPod classic front than the original and it may cost you more, but your call....:-) Here are the directions. Get the Dremel out and good luck...

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+ custom iPod :)


Got to love the custom mods :-)


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