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damaged screen with a fixed pattern running down in the middle

MACbook Pro 17-in

Picked up computer and pinche the screen on top-middle. Damaged it and now have a patch of fixed pattern covering the middle from top to bottom. Apple genius said screen must be changed. How do I do that?

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Please give us the last three letters of your serial number so we know which MBP you have.


X94. I took out the hard drive and there were two numbers exposed. I think these are the last three digits of S/N. Thanks


Apple MacBook Pro "Core 2 Duo" 2.4 17" (SR) Specs

Identifiers: Mid/Late 2007, 2.4GHz* - MA897LL/A - MacBookPro3,1 - A1229 - 2137


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There are two ways to repair this. iFixit has a guide that you can find on the right hand side of this page by clicking on the step by step guides. I prefer the guide I wrote that just involves the display case and is much faster: MacBook Core 2 Duo LCD & Inverter A1181 (fast method) Replacement

You can look at both before doing it.

Go here for the part number between the matte and glossy LCD note the comment on the high rez screen. You will have to actually look at your part and its number to know which to get.

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