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Released by Nikon in January 2014, the Coolpix L830 is a compact digital camera designed to provide powerful zoom with simple operation.

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My batery keep saying exaughsted

Why is my battery keep saying exaughsted ?

I changed my batteries about 10 times and it still say the same thing ... they be new batteries at that. I don’t what to do

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Is it any place I can pay someone to do that ?


@ranicia not sure where you are located. Reality is, it is not a terribly complicated task. I am sure you can do it with the help of the guide.


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Qranicia part of this could be what type battery you are using. I'd try with some rechargeable like Nikon EN-MH2. There are issues with this model that are related to a bad designed battery door cap lock. If the new batteries are not working you could replace the door and see if that resolves the issue. this guide Nikon Coolpix L830 Battery Cover Replacement should help you with that.

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