Replacement micro USB port for Nest Dropcam Pro

I recently purchased an additional Nest Drop Cam Pro as a puppy cam. We ran across a flex plug and thought "what a great idea." Yeah... no. One week after getting the camera, the flex cord arrived. My husband plugged it in and poof... broken. When I say broken, I mean the camera no longer powers on - no green light, no power, & not recognized by the phones on the app (in other words --- fried).

The original cord works on the other camera so it's not the external cord. For this reason, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that it's either the motherboard or the micro usb port that was damaged by the flex cord. Since the camera is useless at this point, I want to try my hand at repair... if possible. I'm having trouble locating the specs on the parts... and replacement parts in general.

Can anyone please tell me which micro usb port is used in the camera? I would prefer to leave the camera intact until I have the part in-hand.

Thanks in advance.

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