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My camera doesn't focus close objects

Hello there people

I dropped my phone a couple of days ago, had to change the entire back body, since then my camera won't focus close objects, i tried changing the camera too- didn't work, tried tapping, tried hard reset, tried almost everything

Please note;- i changed the camera too but didn't help

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Is it suffering from the exact same problem or is it just not working in a general sense?

It is possible that the replacement camera is defective too. It's common to receive small parts that are defective. The only way to know for certain is to either use a known-good camera to troubleshoot or have access to a another working iPhone 6S. Where did you buy your replacement camera?

The other possibility is that the drop damaged the logic board. That would require a micro-soldering repair but I would want to completely eliminate the possibility of a bad camera first.

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Thank you for replying

I took out off that camera from my brother's iPhone 6s, i personally checked that the camera was working fine in his iPhone 6s but I'm facing the exact same problem with both of the cameras


Have you tried both cameras in the working iPhone 6S (your brothers)? If they both work then that would point to a logic board issue. Do a thorough visual inspection of the connector area to see if the connector is damaged or has any debris that would impede a good electrical contact. I would also look for damaged or dislodged components in the general area. Beyond that, it will have to be looked at by a micro-solderer.


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