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Hi, I want to ask if OEM or copy screens work just as well on iOS 11

I'm having trouble with touch on iPhone 6 and 6 plus when I change the screen and phone on iOS 11

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try restoring with the screen off, only home button connected, then attach the screen after restore


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There are quite a few problems related to iOS 11 and the iPhone 6S and to a lesser degree, the iPhone 7. I haven't heard of any consistent issues with the iPhone 6 / 6Plus screens as they have the Touch IC's on the logic board.

I wrote a blog post summarizing this issue and all o f the best data available to date. If you are interested, you can click on my profile for a link to my blog.

Personally, I always prefer OEM screens when available.

Update 2017/10/31 - Apple has just released iOS 11.1. Check out the details here.

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