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Why car not giving power to start my 96 honda accord 4cyl

Okay i have a 1996 4 cylinder. 4dr sedan. I got a new battery altinator thermostat and hoeses for it now when i got new battery yesterday i drove it around for 30. Then stoped at store. Came back out turned the car over but didnt want to start but the lights on dash and everything was on. So i taped on starter and it came on but on my way home. I bairly made it in the drive way my gadges on my dash stoppped working and light's had gotten very dem. But car was still running so i cut the car off and. Tryed to see if it will start back up but nothing buts lights on dash again but next morning i went to go see if it will start. And cracked right up so let it sit and run to see what it will do and 17 min later the gadges on dash stop working. But car stayed running then i turned it off but did not crank back up . i cant figure out what is the problem

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Have you checked the battery tie downs? The clamps on the battery posts. They could need to be replaced. That or blown fuse or relay

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