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The HTC Vive is HTC's first virtual reality headset, co-developed with Valve and released in April 2016. The device's model number is NM80PJT100.

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How do you remove the screen from the lens cases?

I am trying to remove the screens, but can’t seem to get them off. I have already removed the screws from the screens, but the screens don’t seem willing to detach. Does anyone have advice for removing them? Thanks.

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After removing screws from the screens, you can use an iFixit opening pick to safely detach the screens from the lens case. There is a groove along the screens and opposite from the lenses that you can pry open using the pick. There will be some resistance, but they will eventually come loose. There are additional instructions on how to open the screen in the Screen Removal Guide.

iFixit Opening Picks (Set of 6) Изображение


iFixit Opening Picks (Set of 6)


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