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Released Apr 2008. 7MP camera with 3X Optical Zoom.

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No power after trying two new batteries.

What else could cause the camera not to turn on?

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@walk biggest issue with this type of camera is the door to the battery compartment. If it does not seat properly or does not make proper contact, your camera will not get power. If that looks ok you will have to go ahead and disassemble your camera for further testing. Here are the guides to work on your camera. Follow the block diagram and measure the voltages as shown on it.

Block Image

Your camera has three fuses and the one to check is F1 on the power board.

Block Image

Let us know what you find.

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Hi @walk, before that, is there any problems or issues from this camera,

you mentioned you had used new batteries, you tested and does the battery feel hot / warm when remove ?

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where can i take my camera to have it checked ou either in Silverdale or Lynwood WA?


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