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Some weird problem for my display. Very dark but still can see.

Hello guys,

I replaced the CD player to dual hard drives last night. I have successfully installed osx high sierra on my new SSD. But when I used for a while, the display suddenly went dark. The weird thing is I still can see the desktop through my cellphone's light and it still work. At the beginning the display can be displayed at some angle. but toady it's all dark(macbook still can work but I need to use cellphone's light to light it). That's so funny...

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I have tried to change back to the old HDD, and teardowned all cables, screws, even display and put it back again. But still can't solve the problem. All cables and logic board seems well. Did I broke something when I changed the hard drive?

Block Image

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hope someone could help me. Very thankful.

(btw before I teardowned my MBP yesterday. My display didn't have any problem)

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This is a fairly common fault. More than likely, changing the hard drive had nothing to do with this.

More than likely, this is an issue with the LP8550 backlight driver on your motherboard which is responsible for sending 50v to the screen.

More repair shops that specialize in component level logic board repair should be able to help you.

This is kind of a difficult component for a end user to replace as it requires a SMD rework station, microscope and microsoldering equipment.

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