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Nissan unveiled the seventh generation Sentra in August 2012. The new Sentra is completely redesigned inside and out but is a rebadged Chinese and Japanese market Sylphy.

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My car is hesitant to accelerate. Is it brake issue?

I heard a squealing sound in my rear back of my car a month ago. I immediately took it to a dealer and found that my rear passenger side brake shoes need to be replaced. They gave me a higher quote so I took it to a nearby mechanic store and they did a diagnostic brake check for $35 and found that my rear brake drum needs to be replaced and adjusted and they took $240. Last week I found it hard to accelerate after braking at a traffic signal. I pushed the accelerator smoothly and heard a squishing noise. Why is this happening and why is it hard or hesitant to accelerate few times after releasing the foot from the brake?

Previously I had a master cylinder replaced as advised. I also had self-brake adjuster replaced another time while I was on a road trip. Infact, before I went for a road trip I got my car serviced and got it checked before I set off. I am vexed with this brake problem and service as its just costing money. Can anyone tell why is it hard to accelerate now or hesitant to accelerate after applying brakes?

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@maverick0123 it could be but those brakes woud definitely be tight to begin with. I would have your mechanic double check the brake shoe adjustment and the wheel cylinders on your recent repair. Let us know what they find so we can assist you further. Right now it would be a lot of guessing since we do not know about this repair.

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Not sure if the issue is related but often times a Nissan having a difficult time accelerating from a dead stop is an issue in the CVT. These transmissions can be finicky and need to be serviced on time or else you're looking at a big repair bill if it's not under warranty. The transmission fluid should be flushed around every 50 to 60 thousand miles. If the fluid gets burnt then it will start to cause issues taking off from a stop, especially once the car gets hot. Take it to the dealership to be serviced to make sure you're getting the correct fluid.

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Yes CVT transmission are finicky. CVT transmission should be flushed every 30 thousand miles. I will recommend on 20k miles. it will provide longer life of the transmission. A lot of Customer never replace CVT fluid. It will give up on low miles. CVT transmission are Running on NS-2 or NS-3 fluid. Very thin fluid that is easily burned by the friction of the belt (chain belt that is moving the pulies inside of the transmission. Check for codes if you have Judder code. you are out of luck. check if you are still under power train warranty. and if you have 3 party warranty you are lucky.

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