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Stuck at Apple logo at boot up

Hi all!

we have another problem facing us: iphone 7/7+ - if you are so unlucky to break your homebutton or sensor flex, your phone will not boot, it will just stay at the apple logo. You simply cannot just go changing them with aftermarket parts or OEM parts, it must be fully original (not chinese-original), which means 1. much, much harder to get, 2. much, much more expensive. This does, however, not effect screens, you can easily use the high copy grade - as long as the small parts are ORIGINAL! So, fair warning my friends, be very careful not to bust anything when taking the screens apart. Basically, Apple reinstated error code 53, but not as an itunes error, more as a phone that'll brick when booting. If you switch to original parts, it boots just fine again. Apple has not yet solved this in the latest update like they did touch-ic error on iphone 6S, and who knows if they will at all. Back in the day, they got convicted into removing error 53 (if you had aftermarket homebutton installed on ip6, your phone would brick on updating in itunes, until original button was mounted), as it was a violation of consumer rights, as Apple was making it possible, only for Apple to fix it. We are facing the same problem here, basically - and as i see it, there are 2 solutions: Apple will have to change this (as this haven't been a problem the since ip7/7+ release, but is a new thing in thread with ios 11), or we be very careful, and buy original parts when we mess up. My personal opinion: get a lawsuit going, so we get the possibility and freedom of using the parts we want (and the customers want in most cases, as it is much cheaper for them as well), back!

BTW, i don't know if this can be viewed as a question, sorry for that! This is basically just knowledge i've been researching, and passing on to you, so that you don't have to spend days looking for a fix that will not work ;)

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You might want to make this an answer on this question (iPhone 7 home button not working after screen replacement), which is currently the definitive thread on iPhone 7 Home Buttons.

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I've just done so..:D Thanks.. I can't make that long a post, but have posted link to this.. Though it seems it's not the issue with their cases..;)


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