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Support and repair information for MacBook Air models with 13" displays

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Experiencing issues with Siri in High Sierra.

Hi all,

I recently updated my computer to macOS High Sierra. It's been running fine, but I have been experiencing some issues wiht Siri. I generally use the Siri icon on the top right of the screen to acces Siri. When I press the button, the little Siri window pops up and it makes the apropriate "duh-ding" noise, but the icon that indicates that Siri is listening does not move, and it does not respond to any voice prompts or to clicking. I close the window with the x and that's all. Sometimes it will make the "duh-ding" noise a little later but after the window is closed. Basically the same thing happens if I use the lauchpad icon. What is causing this problem? Is there anything I can do to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

Update (10/16/2017)

I restarted the computer and Siri now works. It would be great to know what causes the issue, but I guess this works too.

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Siri needs a good network connection back to Apple. If you are not connected to the Internet then Siri won't respond.

You also may want free up space on your drive as Air's have limited RAM & Storage. Try to have at least a 1/4 of the drive free for the system to use.

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I have the same problem, Siri hangs but after restart works, but once I put my MacBook Air into sleep mode and open again Siri hangs again and to use it I have to restart my MacBook.

Where is the problem? I have over 1/4 free space on my SSD and good internet connection 40 mb/s.

How to fix it permanently ?


Update (08/24/2018)

Fixed issue - power management and nvram reset helped.

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