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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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No charge, no startup after screen change ##SOLVED##

After I changed my LCD assembly on my MacBook Air A1466 2013 I am not able to either charge it or power on. I first powered it on but the screen resolution was wrong. Seems it tried som 1650 resolution. At least the resolution was too high so I had a black area at the top and bottom. I then did a restart and the display showed correct resolution.

Then I chose a restart but it did not start up. I noticed it was not charging but I had forgot to attach the I/O Board Cable. So I attached it. Still no charge light and it will not power on. I tried different things, reset SMC disconnected cables and connected again. Suddenly the charger lights red. Still no power on. Now there is no light on the charger. Tried again SMC reset, different chargers I know work, cleaned the charger port. Tried to short the start pads on the logic board. Tried to disconnect the battery. Just nothing happens now.

Could this be a faulty I/O board? And why does this happen now since everything was flawless before the LCD change. No problems at all besides the broken LCD that I now have replaced. And the first time I confirmed the LCD was ok.


Thanks for all inputs guys! I took this to an Apple Service Center and they found the I/O board was the problem. They did in fact replace the I/O board for free! That is the benefits of living in Norway. We have a consumer law that covers anything that should last 5 years (like computers) for 5 years from purchase. Of course Apple never mentions that "Sorry this is past your 1 year warranty". Then I mention the consumer law warranty and they fix it. I have used that for anything from phones, shavers, water boilers, etc.

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What happened with your system did you drop it or bang it?


Nope. Standing on the table. Worked with the old cracked screen.


its possible that you have blown a fuse


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With the I/O cable plugged in (make sure it is the right way) the charger light should go green, then orange. If it does, the charging circuit on the I/O board is fine. Remove the whole board and check the bottom for liquid damage; it may be coincidental liquid was sitting on the board for a while and has only started causing an issue now.

Unplug everything apart from the fan and I/O board, and plug in the charger. If it doesn't automatically boot, you have a logic board issue; something like this would be difficult to diagnose over the internet. If you have microsoldering experience, I can guide you with what to check, but otherwise I would recommend sending it somewhere.

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Thanks @reecee for your contribution!I will try all your suggestions. Now I remember this MBA once had a liquid spill 2 years ago and I changed the keyboard. Nothing else was wrong then. Maybe the ghost has finally evolved from that incidence? I can attach a charger and the light is orange (charging) just for a minute. Then it turns off. No response from the keyboard or jumpstarting the start pads on the logic board. I read a lot of posts about the MacBook Air 2013 sudden death.


Will likely be caused by corrosion somewhere on the board then. There is no "sudden death" issue on this model (in terms of a manufacturing fault); they just commonly get liquid on the bottom of the board, especially around the SMC area, preventing boot but still allowing the charger to light fine. Customers don't realise it is liquid damaged, and think it has happened by itself.

Clean liquid damage if present (using isopropyl) and take a picture of the affected areas before cleaning


The ribbon cable between the IO board and the main board is extremely sensitive, and in some cases it's even possible to accidentally connect it backwards. I'd take a close look at the sockets on the boards as well as the connectors on the cable to make sure nothing has gotten smashed and is therefore not connecting properly. Also, try an entirely different cable if you have one, since they fail fairly often.


So my I/O Board suspicion was not bad :-) Apple replaced it for free! Happy day!


@reecee I have had my 2015 macbook air’s I/O replaced and the flex cable replaced too after having spilled milk tea on my laptop.

I took it to an authorized service provider btw.

When I got my macbook back however it would only charge to a certain point on any new charger that would connect to it and then stop charging and only power my laptop.

Clicking on the battery icon in the menu bar would say the battery is not charging.

What could the issue be?

I’m skeptical the store didn’t clean the liquid spill properly because I found traces of dry liquid on the outer body too when I received and was surprised they didn’t even bother cleaning it up.


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Had this same problem. turns out the I/O cable was bent flat down. i just used a plastic tool to bend it back and match the other side

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