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Why did half my screen go dark?

why did half of my sanyo tv screen go dark? right half of screen went dark like a shadow over it. I can still see picture and everything else works.

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What is the model number of your TV?

Which half are you talking about, top, bottom, left , right?

Try posting some images so that we can see what you can see.

Here's how. Adding images to an existing question


Top and sides of screen. Make of TV is philips


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Rod Skelly a complete loss of drive data for all RGB information to the right side of the screen. This is sometimes caused by the flat cable connecting the T-con board to the LCD panel coming loose as well as a bad T-con board. For anything more about that it will help if you do as @jayeff suggest. We'll need your exact model number and it will help if we can see what you see. Use the link provided by @jayeff

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If this is an older LCD type TV, then it is possible that the backlight on that half has failed. Some of the older TV supplied light from each side. Please post the exact model number of the TV so we can confirm that this is the case or suggest other possibilities. Given the way most T-con boards work, I would not expect this type of symptom from a T-con failure.


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I am inquiring on model DP42D24 Sanyo. My left screen is going dark. How can I correct???

Update (09/17/2018)

Hi Rod;

Please help…I am inquiring on Sanyo TV model DP42D24 Sanyo. My leftside of screen is going dark. How can I correct???

Thank you in advance….


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