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2.4GHz, 2.7GHz, or 2.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache. Released February 2013.

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Hard Drive FULL 499.05 Gb of 500 Gb_Can Not be Mounted in Target Mode

Hello All,

I have a MACBOOK PRO (RETINA, 15-INCH,EARLY 2013) SSD drive.

I was using DropBox and inadvertently choked the drive.

Now the start-up process gets to the point of asking for my password

( file vault not activated )and then finishing the start-up loading bar

display but then going black or returning to the password entry.

I can see the drive using disk utilities and when in target mode but cannot mount it after entering my password. So it does not appear on the desktop after password entry.


So far the apple store Geniuses have charged me for a new battery and said the problem was fixed. However, after receiving payment and realizing that the drive was still unmountable when I tested it at the Genius bar before leaving they said "...Oops, I guess you have to reformat your drive"...Uugh thanks, guys!!! ( I had mentioned the mission was for me to mount the disk not change parts unnecessarily)

I am now thinking to try some terminal commands or FSCK in 'Single User Mode' to get into the disk but not sure if this will make things better or worse. I am also considering Stellar Volume Repair...OR ANYTHING YOU ADVISE BETTER!!!

Still not sure if all this will help or make things worse in the end because the drive that is max'd on space?!?

Does anyone have any advise!!!! Please help me !!!! ASAP !!!

Thanks in advance to all who comment!

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You can get an Envoy Pro from OWC. It's an external enclosure you can put your stick into and read it from a USB port. eBay sometimes carries them for less but be sure to get the correct one for the 2013 stick. Unless you have FileVault turned on you will only have to enter the password for the MBP or other Mac that you have it hooked up to.

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Hello mayer, I will try this but until now the disk is not showing up on the desktop of the computer I used to access the disk via target mode so I am wondering how removing the SSD from the laptop will change the accessibility of the drive.

Do you have any insight on this?


You don't have many options. You don't know if the system is corrupted. This way you may be able to access the drive, clear off some space on it, run DiskUtilities.


How does this process differ from accessing via target mode?


To use Target Mode the donor machine has to be working and able to boot. Using the Envoy enclosure does not require a working machine for the donor or even a valid operating system.


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I would use Target Disk Mode: Use target disk mode to share files between two Mac computers. Unlike your other options this method only runs the drive as if its an external drive. The OS or any other software is not loaded! This is a function of the EFI (BIOS).

Copy off your stuff to another external drive and delete it to make room for the system to start up on its own.

A second approach is to use an external case to host your drive. That way you can connect it externally to a second Mac.

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Hello dan, I mentioned above that I tried this solution but until now the disk that is full, is not showing up on the desktop of the computer I am using to access it via target mode. Does this mean that putting it in an external casing will render the same result?

Do you have any thoughts on this?


At this point I think you'll need to send the drive to someone who has more expertise than us. I missed the point you has tried this already.

A case on the most part wouldn't be any different. The only thing different would be the I/O connection. Do you think your logic board has an issue that brought this on?

Is this an Apple SSD or a third party? If it's a third party's I would give them a call to see what they have to say.


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