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Based on the third generation Legacy, the Outback became its own model and the Legacy SUS remained unique to North America, and was realigned with the Outback Limited package, offering the sedan, with an optional horizontal six-cylinder engine, also optional on the wagon.

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Brake and Battery indicator lights above idle or drive ABS

2003 Subaru Outback 2.6 litre 4 cyl

Starts and Idles without any issues

Drives as expected (normal) except for dash light concerns

If driven or even just bring rpm up on engine to 2500 or so the ABS light is off but brake indicator left of left signal comes on and battery light also lights up and stays on while driving or rpm up.

Newer battery and it is holding its charge despite battery light.

Brakes work fine forward and back. ABS works perfectly so far as can tell on gravel test at low speed.

E Brake handle is all the way down/off and will bring brake light on if pulled slightly up in Park. E Brake almost never used and last used 6 months ago.

Brake fluid up in reservoir.

New serpentine belts in last few months and they are tensioned correctly

Pulley on alternator seems to be OK and no odour from alternator

Engine oil good.

High mileage and no tune up work for a long time but air cleaner recently and synthetic oil and filter OK

Have not looked at fuses yet

Intend to pull all wheels and especially pull back on E Brake cables to see if not fully retracted


Tried to move the vehicle into garage and it lost power and died.

Tied to charge the battery overnight with cables attached and it would not start. Starter just clicked.

Took off a cable and charged the battery and that worked.

Still cannot start so installed a new alternator.


Alternator must have shorted and drained so much power a fresh battery could not start the car.

So the drain on the electrical system triggered odd responses on the dash lights which were the original concern.

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My kind of ifixit question ... answered by the OP


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Edited the original request and explained the FIX

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