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Model M8413 or A1007 / 600, 700, 800, or 900 MHz G3 processor

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Replacing iBook G3 14 800Mhz Logic Board

Have a iBook G3 14" 800Mhz that I need to replace the logic board. I have a replacement 800Mhz logic board, but it seems that on the new board, the contacts for the battery are right on the board, rather that a plug where you attach the connector to the battery terminals. These contacts for the battery do not seem to line up where the battery would be anyway. I have worked on a few of these machines but have never seen this before.

Has anyone seen this before and do I need some other part to install this board.


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I am not sure which board that I have. I cannot find those numbers anywhere on the logic board.


OK, it seems that the replacement logic board is the 661-1779.


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You received a 12" ibook G3 board. Return it and ask for a 14" one.

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There were two logic boards for the 14" 800 MHz G3

661-2678 (16 VRAM)

661-1779 (32 VRAM)

There were also two 800MHz logic boards for the 12" models. What do you have?

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It is the 661-1779


I examined the photos you emailed me and the boards just don't seem to be interchangeable. I would return the board and get the correct one.


Thank you, that seems to be it.


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