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Released November 2016, the PS4 Pro features upgraded hardware for 4K gaming and improved PSVR performance.

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Power: adapter or convertor?

Hi all,

I recently moved to Hong Kong and i have taken my PS4 Pro with me. However, I am sceptical about plugging it in (with an adapter) in case it causes a problem, breaks, smokes or whatever.

As far as I'm aware Hong kong is similar to the UK and has 240 V and 50hz. The 'power' in the PS4 Pro guide is stipulated between '100-240 V AC, 50/60HZ', so to my understanding an adapter should be fine...

I am just wondering if anyone else has any information on using an American PS4 Pro in Hong Kong? If a simple 'travel' adapter would suffice to play the console, or if i have to go the whole hog and purchase voltage convertor of Amzaon or something.

I thank you for your time and replies.

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I don't know about adapters/converters, etc., but you might see if a local repair/electronics shop has the equivalent power cable to the one the PS4 came with. Considering you moved there, it might be worth it/cheap.

Here's another discussion on this topic, in case you haven't seen it: Is the power supply dual voltage?.


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@ste1986milan just like all prior models the PS4 Pro uses a 100/240V power supply. You will not need anything to convert any power. All you need is a wire that fits your Hong Kong power outlet.

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Be absolutely free of any worrying about the power supply issues as long as it's original PS4 it works in Hong Kong as well. I listened to an Electrician moving from US to EU he made me bought 60$ converter later I contacted Sony tech. He said it supports 100-240V AC I was really a fool to listen to that EU tech.

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So, in essence this is a simple fix? I've read that the console 'does all the work' so to speak, and so long as i plug it in to the wall with the correct plug (three prong UK style) the console will do all the work.


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