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The Samsung NX3000 is an interchangeable lens camera released in May of 2014.

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Technical support unavailable in the UAE

Recently, I found out from the store where I bought my NC 3000 camera that ALL Samsung cameras were discontinued for NO known reason.

Firstly, I noticed that my camera is not connecting to my iPhone throughout WIFI to transfer photos & eventually the keys of the camera interface including MENU seems to be not working well as it jumps from photo or video viewing to camera & later om hangs up.

Anybody here who knows how to fix it? And does anyone aware of the discontinuation, please share.


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Samsung discontinued all cameras in 2016 in order to focus on appliances and mobile devices. It seems that the camera has sustained some considerable damage, as you said that buttons and WiFi are not function anting correctly. From doing a quick Google search, it looks like you’ll have trouble finding instructions and/or parts online.

My suggestion, if you are willing to take apart the camera, would be to check the position of the buttons behind the housing. It could be that whatever is holding the buttons against the housing has been damaged and so the buttons are not working as intended.

I’m not sure if it will be possible to fix the WiFi, but it seems like a minor inconvenience. If you can repair the buttons, I’m sure you’ll be able to live with a cable. If not, time to get a new camera or splash out on third-party repairs. Good luck.

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