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Released October 2013, identified by model number T100TAR-B1-GR(S). The T100TAR is a detachable tablet with a smart gesture-enabled touchpad and advanced connectivity.

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What parts do I need for my broken ASUS Transformer T102HA

Hello everyone, couldn't find my model in the list so i wrote it in the title.

Yesterday my 2 in-1 asus transaformer mini t102ha fell on the floor and the bottom right of it cracked. I wanna make sure what parts do i need to order b4 i order them.


As you can see in the picture, most of the damage is at the bottom right. the screen image seems unaffected, the touch screen still works in the right 2/3 of the screen but the left 1/3 goes crazy with inputs all the time.

There is also a big scratch in the left part(where the touch screen goes crazy) and a small crack in the bottom left.

I figured i probably need and LCD+digitizer but want to make sure before i order.

Also, do you think this is something i can do with a youtube video guide if i have no previous experience or should i take it to the repair shop?(they said that if i bring the part they take no responsibility if the device doesn't work at all after the job and i will still be charged).

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I guess i posted too early in the day to get an answar before...


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Nadavm391 you are right and it does look like you will need a new LCD and digitizer. yes you absolutely can do it yourself. Just take your time, use the heat to soften the glue gently and equally. No reason to blast the display and get it cooking. Something like this video is always a good reference even so it is not yuor exact model. Now, when you do your repair take plenty of images and post a guide about it. Use these instructions. That way we can all learn from it.

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Ok so i ordered the screen and digitizer,

About doing it myself - the man in the video seems to be using a machine to produce hot air,I don't have it and it doesn't seem very cheap.

The repair shop will charge me 40$ for the repair. will a Machine like this really cost less?


He uses a hot air reflow station. You do not need that machine for this job. A hot air gun like this Heat Gun can be used. you can of course get similar ones from any hardware store.


Hi, I ordered a new glass lens for mine via eBay. However, it didn't come with adhesive. Any idea on what would work? I'm thinking some 2MM double sided tape. Thanks


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