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MacBooLCD screen broken - what are options to repair/replace it cheap?

Hello everyone!

My MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Model A1211 screen is totally broken, it is clear it has to be replaced. The problem is,a new LCD is very very expensive and finding a "used" screen is not so probable here in Hungary...

I do not have experience in ordering from ebay and other things. Do you think it probable that i find a used screen for this model? Some told me it is very rare to find it...

What would be a "normal" price for a used one?

I saw i can buy separate parts for the screen - which one do i need (onle the screen is broken, the "box" or i do not know how to call it, is okay)? how many parts are in a macbook LCD screen?

Thank you very muhc for your helping answers and sorry if i did not explain everything properly...


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Is it enough to insert an LCD panel like this: MacBook Pro 15" (Models A1150/A1211) LCD Panel?

It is a lot cheaper than buying a screen itself...


Thank you for accepting my answer and Jó szerencse :-)


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Zsuzsa, the way I look at it to go the cheapest way for me would be to purchased a used computer and cannibalize it. I noticed that you said you are in Hungary, so I checked with ebay.de and found a few items of interest for you. Again these are just examples I found quickly but it might be worthwhile to explore that option. http://cgi.ebay.de/MacBook-Pro-15-2GHz-2... and this one http://cgi.ebay.de/MacBook-Pro-15-2-46-G... Again just my 2cents and wishing you good luck

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Hello! Thanks for the tip, itreally makes sense. I am just wondering which screens are compatible with which one... for example one you linked me is model A1226... would the screen be okay? thank you


I will do a little bit more research on that and see what we can up with. Hopefully ebay.de will work for you and shipping to Hungary. I will get back to you on the screen. :-) Zsuzsa do you already have the old screen out? Did you find the number on the back?


hey, i am also researching like a crazy. i found out that my computer i s a A1226 2007 june and no, i did not take it apart yet. but i checked in system profiler where for the monitor it says this:

color lcd



model 00009C68

serial number 00000000


so is it an LCD? why is the number only 0000 :(?

Actually i read that there are two kind of screens, LCD and LED and in my probably both are okay...

Hmm getting closer, i am not so worried anymore, and when i google ennough i find the asnwers sooner or later...

Yes ebay.de is okay with shipping. I am just waiting for a friend here who maybe has a screeen and if not i will start ebaying like a crazy :)

Thanks again


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With this method you don't have to tear down the whole book: MacBook Core 2 Duo LCD & Inverter A1181 (fast method) Replacement

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You have to be careful to order the right LCD panel. Apple used at least six different and not interchangable LCDs in this range. Pop the broken screen out the lid (guide here) and have a look at the sticker with the part/model number on the back. Make shure to order the exact same one.

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thank you so much both of u! i still have to figure out the best and cheapest way but your answers helped a lot!


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