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Acer laptop introduced in 2008. This laptop likely shipped with Windows Vista.

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Can I replace Hard disc acer Extensa 7630EZ

Can I replace my hard disc

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Almost certainly, yes. Hard disks are very much a standard item.

Re your comment:

There are several reasons why you might be wanting to do this:

- you want to speed up an old laptop

- you suspect your hard disk is causing problems (crashes, failure to boot, slow response)

- you're running out of disk space.

In most cases, an SSD is a good bet - you're laptop may run faster than it's ever run before (though if your Windows system is old that might slow it down). The only disadvantage is cost, so if your main motivation is disk space you'll find a HD will give you a lot more for your money. And a new HD may still run significantly faster than an old HD which may be spending a lot of time doing error recovery.

The other consideration is your operating system. Your laptop may have come with Vista, which can't make full use of an SSD and may cause it premature ageing. Consider Linux, which normally runs very well on older hardware.

For a full discussion of SSD migration see

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Should an SSHD be used and would it be of benefit? Should the drive be backward compatible to SATA II?


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