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Where can I find someone to repair my musical Christmas decoration

I can't find repairman for musical 3 Santa stack decoration. It is not wind up, but battery operated. It stopped lighting up, and playing the 4 songs it played. On /Off switch goes back and forth and put new batteries in . Bought in TJ Max about 10 years ago, grand daughters favorite, and mine too.

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Do a search for "electronic repairs" and your hometown in Google and you should find someone with the skills to do so. Whether they want to work on your decoration, I can't say. Most techs don't like working on low-cost, unknown devices because you can easily spend hours try to figure things out when you have no schematics or anything else to guide you. Additionally, the cost of such repairs usually surpasses the monetary value of the device. Unless there is an emotional link, most people just don't want to pay for these repairs.

Good luck!

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