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Liquid leakage. Totally damaged.

So, my Mac Pro (13.3 – Model A 1238) was totally wet one morning. There was a pool of liquid under it, and when I lifted it, a lot of liquid came pouring out from left side contact holes. Has anyone experienced anything like it? Took it immediately to authorized service: “Totally damaged. Liquid leakage. Impossible to repair. ” Thank you! Maria Francisca

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Ediciones Satori let's see if @reecee or @tcrs_circuit can help you with this. Don't give up just yet. Let the gurus guide you....


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Repair is most defiantly possible.

Authorized repair often is clueless about these devices.

If you have a small phillips screw driver, Please flip the laptop over and unscrew the bottom cover. When this is done, please unplug the battery. When that is done, We are going to want to take that logic board out and clean it really well with isoproyl alcohol. You can do this trust me! It's not that diffficult!!

Here are some guides on how to do that. You will need a torx screw driver to take the board out.

MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2012 Logic Board Replacement

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