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Model M6497 or A1005 / 500, 600, 700, 800, or 900 MHz G3 processor

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New harddrive will not show up during install of panther OS X

iBook G3 800Mhz 640ram

Using the instructions on website and the suggested 120gb WD hard drive from ifixit, I can not get the hard drive to be shown on the install OSX 10.3 software. The old hard drive works fine just a little small to really do anything with. This is my first apple computer. Is there some sort of bios setting or setup for an apple to recognize a new hard drive?

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Thanks Mayer,

Your the best.


Glad to be of service. Thanks for a well stated question.


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It needs to be formatted before you can install a system. Start up from your system installation disk. Hold down "C" key. Go to the second screen pull down menu to Utilities -> Disk Utility and select the drive on the left and format it OSX Extended, give it one or more partition. Now you can install a system.

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