NO Chime warring when Head lights still on leaving the car,

My Oldsmobile 1988 98 regency Problem.

The chime warring does not sound when the headlights are left ON and leaving the car. Battery the runs down. Please help.

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Have you checked all the fuses?


Not a fuse problem, R. Klein needs a schematic wiring drawing for this Oldsmobile 98!!


just asking: dont the light switch have 3 modes? OFF, ON, automatic (ON when doors open or keys removed from ignition but car is unlocked, OFF when doors fully closed or locked?) or I guess you guys prefer manually setting it at ON when you guys are ready to leave the vehicle?


I have a similar problem - was told that I needed a new door chime, but I haven’t followed through with the suggestion. Were you able to resolve the issue?


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