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The MSI GE72 6QF Apache Pro is a Windows 10 , 17.3in, quad-core 2.6GHz Intel Core i7-6700HQ, gaming laptop which was released in 2016.

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Headphone Jack Weird After Physical Damage

I recently tripped over my earbuds when walking away from my computer and ripped them out of the headphone jack. This caused the metal piece at the front to break off and fly across the room. I found it and it seems like it wasn't attached to any wires or connections. Now when I plug in my earbuds it doesn't detect them normally. It plays audio through both my earbuds and my computer unless I mute my audio. When I mute my audio it plays only through my earbuds. I guess I can deal with this, but I'm wondering if there's a quick fix, and if not if there is a way I can make sure it doesn't get damaged further.

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The audio jack has 3 rounded pins inside the female connector. 3 also lead in from the rear of the input.

This lets the chip turns the audio build in speakers or jack on and off.

Like myself. You are going to have to open it up. Inspect the audio jack. Come the the conclusion the jack

numeric value is near impossible to read and hunt for a replacement. This is going to require a complete

disassembly of the laptop and motherboard/pcb components from the case, and if your not confidant

you can restore it… Take it to a shop that deals with electronics. New jack. Solder, Wick, Solder iron is

required. + a precision screwdriver of the + variant.

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