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The Lenovo A7000 is a 5.5-inch Android smartphone released by Lenovo in April 2015. The Lenovo A7000 can be identified by model number A7000-a.

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Phone won't turn on or charge, but gets recognized by PC

While I was playing a game the phone just crashed (screen got grey), so I removed the battery, put it back in, but the phone doesn't want to turn on or charge now. When I connect it to my laptop, it gets recognized. Well, nothing shows up, only the sound gets played but after few seconds it plays the sound when you disconnect the device than it plays the "connect" and again the "disconnect" sound and this goes on and on.

I think I can say that it is getting power becase when i push the power button or plug it into charger I can see small red light in the light sensor.

What shoud I do?

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Had this problem too….computer detects my phone with the connect sound, then a disconnect sound after a few minutes (when battery is connected). I see a faint red light on the light sensor whenever I press power button (not connected to pc). and then a constant red light on the light sensor when plugged in to PC/charger (connected battery), then also, a flashing red light on the light sensor which goes faster and disappears within 2 seconds when connected to PC (no battery). Tried shorting the 2 pins near the battery (had a little spark every time) but still nothing


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@jump3r for a known-good starting point I suggest that you start with a new battery. "plays the sound when you disconnect the device than it plays the "connect" and again the "disconnect" sound" this could be a sign of a failed battery.

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