Some keys stopped working on Apple Wired Keyboard

Hey guys!

Can anyone help?

I have an Apple Wired USB Keyboard since 2013 and yesterday some keys stopped to work.

I didnt pay much attention, thought it was a momentary USB glitch, replugged it, and it seemed to help.

But today the trouble returned.

Keys "8", "I", "K", and "," are not working. As you can notice, they're all in a straight line. So it feels like some contact line is dead/malfunctioning.

No, I didnt spill any liquid. Its perfectly dry.

Googled it. Many users report the same problem here and there, but not the real remedy.

Apple's answers are as useless as they should be, deemed to housewives, a la "Check if your house has electricity". :)

If you can give a tech-savvy advice, please do.

PS: If you're going to say "Go buy a new one" - thank you in advance. :)

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I'm having the same problem. I know it's not hardware because I can pair with another device and it works fine. This means is software/settings for the device. I can't figure out what settings to change though. Still searching for an answer.


sam issue> som kys no w0rking lol. Mayor's answer is 4 a wireless. help.


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I did a teardown (literally) on the wireless one as you can see here:

Apple Wireless Keyboard (A1255) Teardown

Due to the way it's constructed and glued together I saw no way to repair it. So I popped the keys for replacements . They go out and I have never found a way to fix them. P>S> I bought five new ones just this week :

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Mmmmm.... I rinsed it in ethanol and let to dry for 3 days under the sun.

Now it's *completely* dead.

Don't know who have came up with the wild idea of washing a keyboard in any liquid :)

Similarly, I have no idea what could have short-circuited or rusted inside.



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