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Repair guides and support for the sixth generation of Ford F-Series trucks. Models include the F100, F150, F250, F350, and others.

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1978 f100 front caliper frozen. Retaining Pin will nor release

Is there a technique in removing the retaining pin from brake caliper? Driver's side punched out with a moderate amount of effort but the passenger side will not release. Passenger side caliper is frozen and wheel will not roll. C clamp against pad does not retract cylinder.

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My answer to the question is that the slide pin can be removed by using a punch and a hammer but the kicker is that the slide pin can be punched from the inner side (from the tie rod) outward or from the outer side inward. I punched from the inner side outward on the driver side caliper with success but it is the dumb way. Much easier punching from the outside inward. Did this on the passenger's side and it was easy.


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Hi Chincoteaguer,

I would use a lot of penetrating oil on the pin that will not come out then use the pin that you removed from the other side as a punch to get the stuck pin out. Replacing the pins will be necessary and a good idea so they do not get stuck again.

Also here is a video that could help


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Thanks Blake. See my answer above.

I've done enough shade tree fixit projects to know that there are tricks or techniques that experienced mechanics use to get things done. In this case my experience tells me that one should punch the slide pin from outside inward. Not obvious to me at first since the tie rod nut seems to prohibit movement inward. Now have the calipers in hand and on myway to the Auto Parts store.


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