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Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это маленькая версия iPhone 6 Plus с 4.7-дюймовым экраном.

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Side Clips Not Holding on Replacement Screen

Searched everywhere and could not find anyone talking about this iPhone 6 screen replacement issue...

Checked the phone for bends or warping but it appears to be perfectly flat and no dented corners.

Replaced the screen but it does not lock into the side clips on either side.

Top fits snugly into the frame, bottom holds on with the pentelobe screws, but the sides are not grabbed by the side clips and so the sides have a gap and you can even see the backlight leaking out.

I am talking about the two double clips on the left side and the one double and one single clip on the right.

What can be done about this? Any way to bend the clips in the frame to make them have more tension? Or a way to bend the clips on the frame without cracking the screen?

Any insights greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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I gave up on finding a solution. Just put the phone in a lifeproof case so that nothing gets 8nside the phone from the gaps on the sides of the screen. Have done a few IPhone 6 without this issue so am thinking this screen must be the problem. Though I remained surprised that there is no detail about the clips in the phone and how they are supposed to work and how they become damaged.

Thanks to all that made an effort to help.


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Start by the top clips on the screen. Make sure they go into the frame. Then you do the sides and make sure they go in. If they are not easily going in and the frame is not bent you can help sliding a knife looking tool to help those clips to slide into place. Lastly, do the bottom. Triple check for bent frame, otherwise you will be breaking that screen!

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Thank you for the reply.

The screen fits snugly at the top, and sits flush as I work it down the sides but I do not hear the clicks grab. When I Fit it to the bottom edge the side begin to ga gap. The screen I replace was not original as evident by the missing front camera and prixity sensor brackets. I wonder if the side clips were damaged by the previous installer. If they did not care enough to move the brackets over who knows s what else they did wrong.


It's extremely rear for the screen clips on the iPhone metal housing frame to get damaged.

Chances are the plastic clip frame on the replacement screen is bad quality due to a cheap aftermarket one. Getting a better replacement screen will probably solve the problem.

Maybe I'm just lucky that I have never encountered this issue even though I've done plenty of iPhone screens.


Thanks Ben. The replacement screen appears to be high quality and complete with brackets for sensor and camera. Clips in perfect alignment with screen that was removed as well as another replacement screen. Very surprised that I seem to be the only one with this issue and that there is no detail about the clips anywhere.


The brackets on the front camera and proximity sensors are added after the screen is made so while it does talk about quality of screen as far as level of attention it has nothing to do with quality on all the other components. The difference in frames on a cheap to an expensive screen may not vary on metal quality but on things written on these small metal parts...

It is hard to have a solution without looking at the phone. Why don't you place another screen to make sure the fitting is correct or not. Are you sure you are pushing hard enough to make the clips grab the ones on the screen? If the top is aligned correctly your screen will not crack when pushing down. Also make sure there are no pieces of glass around the frame or anything that would prevent this screen from sitting flush.


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