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Guides for coffee maker from the manufacturer Jura.

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How do I replace the seals in the Thermoblock?

How do I replace the seals in the Jura Avant-garde S8 Thermoblock? The halves need to be separated.

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Look here - but you need to know some german words, or just use Google translate. The right guide is called "Revision des Thermoblocks"


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This is wonderful! On page two of the guide, a tool that looks like a Nut Driver is used for the center bolts. My Thermoblock looks like it uses hex-head bolts and I am not sure I can find a thin Nut Driver to fit in the hex-shaped recessed hole. I will search.


The two bolts should be normal ones of 7 mm. The outer screws should be a Torx ( or Allen, don't remember?)


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