6S Plus No ear piece speaker sound and no front or rear camera


I just finished a full rebuild on a 6S plus after it had been run over.

Now every thing works but i have no sound out of the ear piece speaker and both cameras are not working and no flash light. I thought that it may be front the camera/proxy ribbon but new one didn't fix the problem and dose not explain the rear camera not working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Try to see if there are any damage on the flash light ribbon cable, or try to change that.


I think that the display ribbons shield has received most of the pressure and push the middle screw through its treads and has damaged the board, similar to long screw damage. As all the ribbons are brand new and tested on another device. so it looks car 1, phone 0.

On the bright side I can still get all the customers data.


That explains a lot why I've been seeing lots of run over phones having the exact same issue on 6 and 6s..


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