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Windproof and water-resistant, the Patagonia Nano Puff ® Jacket is made with warm, incredibly lightweight, highly-compressible insulation, and is ideal as either an insulating layer or outerwear.

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Can you replace a zipper on a nano jacket?

The zipper pull and the box at that is at the end of the zipper is gone. If we send in the coat, do you repair the zipper or does it need to be taken to a local shop for replacement?

If you can repair it, what is the cost?

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Hmmm, Can’t call them, can’t chat with Patagonia support due to high volumes. Sounds like every other corporate support sight. NanoPuff zippers are notoriously unreliable after even light to moderate use. Over there past 4-5 years I have purchased a number of these garments and have had to return every one of them when the zippers begin to split open after zipping. I will no longer purchase products from Patagonia if I am required to continually repair them myself. There are equal or better, at least zipper wise, products available. The nearest store is in Seattle, WA, 1000 air miles away.

Doug Wahto

Juneau, AK


I have the same problem. Argh! I've owned the NanoPuff for less than a year and the zipper continually splits open. And guess what? I paid $300 for the product and now it useless.

Kay Morris

Bend, Oregon


Same problem..not just with Nano Puff. Also the sweaters. I will not purchase from this company again.


Same zipper problem. Are you all saying that they won't repair the problem.

They have a great reputation for repairs or exchanges.


I actually have the same problem with a zipper and I talked to them as they were shutting down. The rep told me they will be happy to repair the zipper free of charge as soon as they reopen. If you call them they will send you a repair mailing label that will take care of postage. Good luck!


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Here’s a guide on how to do it:

Installing A Main Zipper In Your Patagonia Down Jacket

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ii was hoping i could mail it to Patagonia for repairs>>??


catzmeo It looks like they do repairs themselves, here's the link:



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I have a NanoPuff Hoody out for repair now. I love this versatile jacket but for the zipper. I have sent 3 of them back for zipper repair over the past 6 years. Asked for a different zipper; no luck.

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