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Announced in October 2013, The Nikon D5300 is an upper-entry-level DSLR with a 24Mp DX-size sensor.

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My D5300 won't turn on

My D5300 will not turn on. When I put the battery in and turn the switch to on the green light flashes but the camera does not turn on. If you look through the viewfinder it shows that the battery is low. I have tried 3 different batters charged by different battery chargers. I have also tried 3 different lens sizes.

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Take your lens off and put the body cap on then try turning it on. Put an SD card in or take it out.


Even my camera stopped working. all of sudden its not turning on tried removing the batter sd card didn't work out is there any solution for this?


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I have encountered this issue. I tried the suggestion and nothing happened.

Did anyone find a solution?

I would appreciate any help.

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I had this same issue. I thought my battery was old hence this issue so I purchased a new battery. Even that didn't work.

Don't know why but I slapped the camera from all side and it started working again. Ithibk this must happen due to some loose connection in my case. As I encountered the same problem after few week and I tapped the camera on all sides and it started working again.

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