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Early 2011 model, A1278 / 2.3 GHz i5 or 2.7 GHz i7 processor.

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before i placed the laptop in storage temporarily, i remove the battery and saw it charged up to 98%.

After 3 months the laptop will not start. i remove the battery and use the charger.

it started but when i replaced the battery back it wasn't recognized. i did the prams/smc etc but no battery. bought one tested it in a similar A1278, charged 100%. Used battery on that laptop only everything ok.

took the battery out and placed in my own, no battery, but i noticed before signing the battery seemed there, signed and the square with an X shows up, no battery detected.

again PRAM/SMC and all the hints i could fine every where but no battery.

i have replaced the magsafe-dc same thing. my research points to the charging circuit which i don't understand how it became defective.

does anybody know a repair shop services for this at a reasonable price?

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I think @mayer could help. good luck!


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usually this happens to dell users, and it is usually because you store it in an environment which is hot andd the battery gradually loses charge until it becomes unusable, if a new battery does not work, then the cables on the inside get severed and they do not transport electricity. get a new battery or get a hair dryerr and heat them up a little, OR get a hot air gun if the hairdryer is not productive

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thanks for the reply. i bought a new battery and as i already mentioned the new battery is 100% fine.

This new battery was fully tested in another identical MAC so the cables inside the battery are not the cause of the problem.

again i believe is one ic or another component in the charging circuit.

i wait until someone knows a repair place which is reasonable or it you know who is selling a good motherboard for this also at a good price let me know

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