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Instruction for replacement & repair LCD display

I am looking for Instruction for replacement & repair LCD display of video camera, Canon Legria FS200 Digital Camcorder.


Ez Adl

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Ez Adl here is the complete SERVICE manual for the FS200 I allowed you access to my storage space so that you can download it. Remember to download Both parts. Good Luck

FS200 Part1

FS200 Part2

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+ that's great, I couldn't get anything on it. Well done!


I have the same problem and to be specific I don't know how to release the connector of the LCD's flat cable.

Can you please reload the files?




You can find it in the link below

Instruction for replacement & repair LCD display

There is two parts.

Good luck



oldturkey someone else needs these can you please repost the links, thank you


I sure can. Did not know that these were still needed. I posted my email address in my profile and I could have helped out earlier if I would have known somebody was looking for it. Just reposted and check lcd replacement. I cant get the LCD out... for the links. Otherwise just email me...;-)


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