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Released in March 2017, the Moto G5 includes a 13.0 megapixel rear camera, a 5 inch screen with a 1920 x 1080 resolution, and the Android 7.0 (Nougat) operating system. Identifiable by the model numbers XT1675 and XT1676

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Will a new screen solve my water damaged phone backlight? (Moto G5)

Hi there, I have seen a few similar problems here so sorry if I'm repeating! Haven't found same phone model or exactly same issue.

My Motorola Android phone, Moto G5 model, sustained water damage 6 weeks ago, I'm currently travelling in South America. After some time in a bag of rice, it would switch on but the screen was extremely dim even on full brightness.

I took it to a repair shop in Chile and they did what I understood (in my poor Spanish) to be something they called a 'chemical wash' - hopefully this is the isopropyl cleaning I have seen mentioned here. Sadly when I came back they said it hadn't made any impact.

The phone itself functions perfectly as far as I can tell - with an angled light or a bright headtorch, I can see outlines and faint colours which allow me to broadly operate it. I can hook it up to a screencast tool (e.g. Airdroid) on my laptop, and everything works fine - WiFi, apps, sound, etc.

Sadly purchasing either a screen replacement or a new phone in Argentina where I am now is very expensive.

I have family coming out to stay for Christmas. I wondered if they could bring me a replacement Moto G5 screen (cheaper to buy in the UK) and I have it fitted by a repair shop here. But in ordering this replacement screen, the website (replacebase.co.uk) mentioned a damaged backlight or damaged backlight chip in the motherboard may also be at fault.

Is there any way to tell what exactly is causing the issue based on the information above, or ascertain whether a replacement screen will solve the problem? Are there any other replacement components that I should order 'just in case' (I only have one shot since the family is coming out in a few weeks) that I can then have fitted in a shop here ? I was struggling to understand if the backlight is part of the screen or not (apologies, I'm not very technical!)

Any advice gratefully received :) Thank you!

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You're gonna need to go a bit deeper than the screen. take a look at this:

Electronics Water Damage

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Oh yeah rice wont solve it.


Hi, thanks for this!

I've taken a look at the list - the device wasn't submerged, it was in a pocket during a rainstorm, so hopefully not too acidic.

The battery seems to be fine as it is charging and holding charge as normal (bearing in mind this is now 6 weeks later).

Regards the circuit board cleaning, I believe this is what was done by the repair shop that I took it into.

So based on point 6, if the battery seems fine, replacing the LCD screen next is my best bet?

Thank you!


I'm not a pro in this type of phone but the fact that you have image but it is too faint I would say it most likely is the backlight.


Ah yes that makes perfect sense, thank you. And 1 final thing then (forgive my lack of technical knowledge!) is the backlight normally part of the screen unit, so I will be replacing it anyway if I replace the screen...? And if not, is the backlight normally something that is possible to fix / replace individually?


Typically they are fused.


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