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Kenmore water filters make my water taste bad

I have an 11 year old Kenmore side-by-side and this past September my refrigerator started smelling like old lettuce - it was vile! It affected the freezer as well as making the water taste bad. I've gotten the smell to go away but the water still tastes horrible. I've replaced two filters and it's still nasty tasting. I've flushed gallons of water through it and still no change. If I remove the filters, the water tastes normal. I know they've changed the filters for this model and I'm wondering if I have gotten defective filters. I have had two repairmen out and neither could find a problem!

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Plastic tubing inside refrigerator needed to be replaced. My hubby and I did it and all is fine. :)


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Cecilia Sprecher, I have had several new filters that were bought at the same time be bad. Maybe they came from the same bad batch. Or maybe some equipment at the filter plant could have failed or similar. We can't be sure why. You have done everything needed to do to troubleshoot the problem. and the problem is the filter. If your water tastes fine with out the filter and your refrigerator will work without a filter, then don't use a filter. It's not mandatory to use one.

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