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Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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spilled juice and keyboard back light is little dark

I bought new macbook pro 13" few days ago.. and spilled orange juice on keyboard.

now backlight is little darker than first time(only left side)

then i called apple, they said it could cost $700.00 at least.

so far problem is only keyboard backlight.

so im thinking im going to fix myself.

which part i should get on this site..

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Before you spend a lot of money, I would invest some time following the iFixit guide for your model and disassembling the laptop as much as necessary in order to clean out all the orange juice with q-tips dipped in rubbing alcohol. A substance like orange juice can continue to cause more problems down the road, and getting it out of the computer can prevent this, and even alleviate issues you are experiencing if you are lucky. Once you've cleaned it out, you can then evaluate what remaining problems still exist, if any, and whether you want to pursue correcting them. I just think that it is premature to buy replacement parts when you still have a substance in your computer that is toxic and needs to come out.

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ok i asked my husband to do this. he went to get some tools. we r going to clean these parts first. i will comment later again. thank u all


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Sounds like they want to replace the logic board, I think you should follow rdlkincorpoated's advice for cleaning the keyboard, an if the part has just been destroyed by the liquid, then you'll have to replace it for $300. Of course since the light hasn't completely shorted out, you can probably still clean it, and it'll be just fine. If not, well, you can part with $300 (a lot better than 700 though!) or just live with it.

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To restore keyboard lightning you have to open the machine, take off the logic board and reach the keyboard layers to clean them. $700 to do this job is a ripoff IMHO...

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