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Repair guides and support for SD, miniSD and microSD memory cards used in tablets, phones and cameras.

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My card is physically broken, any chance to retrieve the files?

So I accidentally broke my micro SD card (Kingston 16gb) and I don't know wether I should have some hope to restore the files on it or not.

I watched a couple of videos people restoring files via soldering and so.

This image shows where it's broken (highlighted in red)

Block Image


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If it is just broken along the back side you might be able to stick it in an adapter and recover files(the adapter might take the card and you wont be able to get it back out, just make sure you stick it in all the way with a toothpick or a sewing needle, something along that size), i don't think there is anything in that back part of the card, but i might be wrong. If you cant recover files from using an adapter there is no point in trying to fix the card to recover the data, you'd save money and time by buying a new SD card.

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Thanks!! I really hope it's gonna work because it seems easy! I'll try this out and come back!


ill be here if you need anymore help


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Hey I have the same problem and I tried it however I didn't force the memory card in my adapter just in case it didn't work but I just wanted to know if this has worked for you because I have very important work on my memory card and I'm stressing so much. Thanks!

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Unfortunately it didn't work, I just gave up but I'm keeping the memory 'cause maybe in the future I could restore the stuff on it!

There are places where they work on restoring files from broken sd cards ,CDS, etc) you can send yours, it costs around 400$!


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