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The NuVision TM800A510L is an Android tablet released in 2015. Its speakers, internet capabilities, and simple user interface means this tablet is generally used for email or educational purposes.

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What do you do if we’re my charger goes in my tablet is broken?

Were I charge my tablet is broken? What do I do

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Are you trying to say the charger broke inside your tablet?


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Here is a link to the ifixit guide on how to access the USB charging port in your tablet so that it can be replaced.

NuVision TM800A510L Charging Port Replacement

To replace the port you will need to have the necessary SMD (Surface Mounted Device) soldering expertise and equipment.

You will also need to find a replacement female USB connector which has the same configuration as to securing lug position and connections.

If the above procedures seem too daunting, I suggest that you contact a reputable, professional mobile phone or laptop repair service and ask for a quote for the repair.

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