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Repair guides and support for motorcycles manufactured by the German motor group, BMW.

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Why won’t my 1999 BMW r1100rs start?

My 1999 BMW r1100rs has been sitting for 6 months, it ran great before. I keep the battery tendered and start he engine once per week and let it run for 5 min. I went on vacation and stopped this process and when I came back in 2 months the bike will not start. It tries, but backfires and dies out after seconds. I drained and replaced the gas, and replaced the spark plugs. Air filter is clean..... any ideas ?

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Thanks Jim, my bike is fuel injected, no carbs. Coil idea is smart !


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You may need to clean the carb if it had enough time for the gas to go bad (ethanol) If its humid out when the bike sat for two months it could have absorbed moisture and this can cause a green corrosion in the carb . If you know your bikes going to site for a long period of time and you have fuel with a 15% ethanol blend its a good idea to use a fuel stabilizer. You may be able to get away with a can of carb cleaner and giving it a good spray in all the jets . You should also check the spark . Is it a clean strong spark Blueish or week and yellowish You may need a new coil or coil packs depending on whats on your bike. Hope this helps

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