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The Speed Queen AES17AWF is a 27" Electric dryer with rear controls, 7.0 Cu. Ft. capacity and 3 automatic dry cycles.

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Dryer won't spin and won't start unless the button is pushed but then

I have a Kenmore dryer it's older, it won't start unless I have the button pushed in( when I keep the button pushed it ends up stopping after like 5 Seconds) and it won't spin. PLEASE HELP!

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The best thing you could do is just call a mechanic, he knows how things like that work,

As I am 15 years old I don't know a lot about this but what you could do is try to open one of the sides or the bottom and see if all cables are still connected correctly. If one cable is loose it could cause problems, making the dryer not work properly as no electricity gets delivered from cable A to cable B when they're not connected correctly basically.

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Generally (though not always) its the push-to-start button (switch). Its function is to momentarily connect the power circuit through the door switch to the timer / motor circuit. Some models incorporate this switch in the timer. If possible next time include the model number in your question to get additional info (e.g. Parts).



Appliance Tech (26 years)

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