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I got superglue on my camera lens

So I got superglue on my iPhone X rear camera.

I don’t think anything went inside the lens, but it’s extremely blurry when I try to take a picture.

Also, there is a tiny black hole on the lens, so I am wondering if there is a way to reach glue that went down there as well.

I’ve heard of using nail polish remover, but I am afraid of how that will react with the lens, possibly removing some sort of protective layer or something. I’m not entirely sure how the lens relates to the actual camera.

Is there a way to get rid of most, if not all, of the superglue without damaging the lens?

I believe that the glue was gorilla super glue.


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I don't know how you got superglue on your lens but I'm not one to ask.

And since it's about iPhone X, you should be good using nail polish remover or just soap or anything (I never used superglue before)

You can search on google how to clean superglue off things, iPhone 7's or higher usually are waterproof and/or have good durability, the risk of anything affecting the camera is small, unless you break it and THEN put superglue on it. However note that you might have issues with dust or filth because of the superglue so pay attention to that

And of course if that doesn't work go to the Apple Store, they got your back in case anyone screws things up

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Id be careful since acetone could be very corrosive, I'd use some gloves and dampen a paper towel in acetone. You could use nail polish remover as well just be careful to not get it through the mic hole.

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Use a cotton bud to put the solvent on. You can then be more precise with your application of the solvent.

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