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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a cellular smartphone that was released in October 2014. The Galaxy Note 4 Model Number is SM-N910, SM-N910A, SM-N910T, SM-N910V, or SM-N910R4 for American variants.

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there are vertical colored lines when I open the main camera.

My phone did not dropped or wet.no reason to be damaged.

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Try a factory restore to prove whether the problem is software or hardware related.

Before you perform the factory restore, backup the phone using the phone's backup feature.

Ensure that the battery is fully charged before you restore the phone.

Factory restore (also known as a hard reset) the phone using the phone's factory restore feature.

Be aware that a factory restore will erase all your data and downloaded apps. It will be like when you first got it. That is why it is important to do a backup first .

Once the phone has been reset test the camera to see if it works OK or not.

If it does then restore the phone with the backup that you made earlier, using the phone's restore feature.

If the camera still works OK then the reset has fixed the problem.

If the camera doesn't work OK again then perhaps a downloaded app is the cause of the problem. the trick is to find out which one.

If it doesn't then it may be that the camera itself has failed or perhaps it has a loose connection. Electronic components do sometimes fail, fortunately not often but they do.

By main camera do you mean the rear facing camera?

Here is a link to the ifixit Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rear Facing Camera Replacement guide. This should allow you to at least check the connection and if it is OK replace the camera.

Here is a link to the front facing camera replacement guide, if this is the camera that you meant.

The replacement parts are available online.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rear Facing Camera Изображение


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rear Facing Camera Replacement



30 minutes

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Front Facing Camera Изображение


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Front Facing Camera Replacement



30 - 35 minutes

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Tnx for your answer. front camera is ok.rear camera has problem.i even changed the lens,but with new lens again colored lines appear.



Just verifying, did you replace the rear camera or just the rear camera lens or both?


we just changed lens..not camera..do u really suggest that i myself replace camera?



I suggest that you take notice of what @avanteguarde has said above regarding removing the LCD.

It may be better that you allow a professional to do it. At least they will be responsible if there is any damage.

Everything that you have tried points to a faulty camera as the most likely problem



Thank you very much for your answer.

i think my mainboard has problem and nothing hapened to camera.in this case,while my phone is 200$,,,they say you have to pay 400$ in order to change mainboard..im sad..i love it.best phone without best camera.


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Download the openCamera app from the google play store. If you still see the lines, then, yes you have a defective camera.

Bad cameras were common in GS5 and GN4 phones.

If you follow @jayeff instructions and decide to open the phone, I am giving you a very strong warning. The LCD is stuck to most of the critical components, BE VERY GENTLE when prying the glued LCD off, as that component is expensive and easily damaged.

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tnx for answer.same problem with open camera..still colored line appear.


Yes, colored lines means the actual camera itself has issues. The actual camera needs to be replaced. It won't be the lens, it is the sensor in the camera. If it were the lens, you would see blur but not colored lines.


My sumsang s8+ has a problem in camera there is a line, down is red up is normal, what can i do plz?


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